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How to pack for a year.

February 8, 2014

How do you pack for a year?! The easiest way is, don’t. Pack for an ‘extended holiday’ instead. I’m talking three bikinis, not ten and remember to take clothes that can worn day and night.

The biggest mistake I made last time was to just pack for summer. Apparently it rains in Australia, who knew?! So this time I’m taking a pair of skinny jeans and a leather jacket. I know I’ll still buy winter clothes as it gets colder but I like to feel a little prepared.

Anyway back to packing, living out of a backpack is not fun but Ikea sell these genius packing bags which are an absolute dream for keeping your bag organised.


They hold so much stuff and fit perfectly in my bag. I love knowing where everything is and I never have the trouble of tipping everything on the floor to find a pair of socks. As you can see they come in 4 useful sizes and the mesh material means you can see inside them. The best thing is that they are so cheap! Thanks Ikea!

I’ve filled one of mine with toiletries. I know some people say to only take mini shampoos etc but I think if you have the room to take full size you might as well. I realise you can buy everything once you’ve left but Australia is a expensive country and I would rather save as many pennies as possible i.e spend it on goon instead…

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