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The Margaret River – Wine, Chocolate, Cheese and more Wine.

December 28, 2014

Australia is renowned for it’s wine so it was only right that after living in this country since March that I finally got round to trying a few (apparently ‘goon’ doesn’t count). We were in West Australia to visit friends in Albany and to break up the journey we stayed in the Margaret River region for two nights. It was during this time that we took part in the Bushtucker winery tour. The tour had a fantastic rating on Trip Advisor so we had high hopes and we left far from disappointed.


The tour lasts all day and during this time you visit a number of wineries, a brewery, a chocolate factory and a cheese shop. In the first winery our guide, Silvano, taught us how to ‘Swirl, Smell and Swallow’ our wine to get the best flavour. I’d always thought that at a wine tasting day you would only be sipping the wine and then spitting it back out but we were encouraged to drink all of the wine we were given. This resulted in us feeling a little tipsy so have a decent breakfast before the tour! Luckily for us, just as the wine was giving us a fuzzy head, lunch was served. This is a delicious buffett of local meats, bread, dips and cheese. Silvano made sure everyone ate until they were full and there was still more food to come! The afternoon is spent eating chocolates and cheeses and even more drinking. We went home extremely full and extremely happy.


It really is a great tour and I would highly reccommend it to anybody travelling through that area. I certaintly learnt alot about wine and tried some that I would usually turn my nose up at. I’m looking forward to impressing my family and friends with my new found knowledge and my wine swirling technique once I’m home!


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