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Perth & Beyond

January 2, 2015

The last few weeks of my Australia trip were spent in WA. We were based in Perth but hired a car so did a little bit of travelling to local beaches and towns. Perth itself is a really nice city. Without sounding too boring, it’s clean and tidy with big wide roads, park areas and a pretty harbour. It has the impressive skyline and the shops but is still small enough to feel more personal than Sydney. Although the guidebooks will say otherwise, I thought that you only need a few days to get a taste of Perth. I was glad we had use of a car so could visit Fremantle and the beautiful beaches surrounding the city.


In my opinion, the beaches in West Australia are more spectacular than their counterparts on the East Coast. They seem to look more ‘natural’. By this I mean a lot of the beaches have sand dunes lining them rather than a wall or a line of shops. I much prefer beaches that don’t seem to have changed in hundreds of years, rather than the hustle and bustle that surrounds Bondi. We visited Cottesloe, Scarborough and Hillary’s boat harbour. It was school holidays and very hot so all three were always busy but it never bothered us. All have places to eat close by and you can swim in the sea but Hillarys is the best for swimming if you worry about those sharks they have over in Oz! Scarborough is best for surfing with lessons being taught daily. I think I appreciated Perth’s beaches more than others because it was my last few days in Australia. Lying in the sun everyday it was hard to remember why I wanted to go home to dreary England!


If you fancy doing something a little different one evening, you should definitely check out Fremantle Prison. We took part in the torchlight prison tour and it was fantastic. As the name suggests, a guide takes you around the prison with only your torch for light. Expect plenty of stories and a few screams…


Beware the hangman’s noose…

The tour is fairly light hearted and although you get some information on the history of the prison, the daytime tour is recommended if you are after a more informative trip. A great place to grab a drink and some food whilst you are in Fremantle is the ‘Little Creatures’ brewery. The nachos are fantastic!


Perth is home to Kings Park which gives a fantastic view of the city skyline and harbour. It’s huge with a number of walking trails available as well as an impressive war memorial. Kings is actually bigger than Central Park in New York which gives you an idea of its size.


Perth was the end of Stu and I’s travelling in 2014 as we came home with my sister to surprise our families on Christmas Eve. We had a brilliant time travelling around this huge country and over the next few weeks we will have to decide whether to return on our 2nd year visa or to say goodbye to Australia for now.

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