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The Footman James Bristol Classic Car Show

June 16, 2015

Last weekend, Stu and I were invited to the Bristol Classic Car Show by Footman James. Now I appreciate what I call a ‘nice’ car but I don’t really know anything about them so I didn’t really know what to expect when we arrived.

The show was held at Bath and West showground in Shepton Mallett which has both outside and inside areas to display the car collections. And there were a lot of cars!

 The cars ranged from old police vehicles to VW campers to original Minis and everything in between. Some where in beautiful condition and really made you appreciate just how much love and attention went into that vehicle, my little Clio really does not compare!

 As well as the standard manufacturers, we saw makes and models that have long stopped being produced. Stu was glad to see a Triumph as his Grandad used to work there!


My favourite was this lilac Morris minor which was beautiful! I always wanted a VW Beetle when I was younger so I think I was reminded of that.


 Stu and I would love one of these campervans to continue our travels – they are the best form of transport for a backpacker. Nothing compares to that freedom!

As to be expected at a classic car show, you could buy every car part imaginable. What looks like junk to you and I, is a car enthusiast’s treasure!

Stu and I visited the show on Saturday but on the Sunday they were auctioning off some of the cars – I would have loved to have seen how much some of them went for, they must be worth so much!

 We both really enjoyed our day at the Bristol Classic car show, it was something different to do on a weekend and I would recommend going next year. Thank you very much for having us Footman James!


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