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Itchy Feet

September 22, 2015

Itchy Feet

This quote probably sums up how 99% of my travelling friends feel once they are home. Does this feeling ever go away?

Stu and I have been home now since January. After spending 2014 travelling from country to country, we have only had one long weekend in Paris and a weekend in Scotland so far in 2015. Working long hours and daily reminders from Timehop as to what I was up to last year mean that I miss travelling more and more each day. I sometimes see a picture and actually want to cry because I want to return so badly.

I don’t regret coming home when I did, I think that I would feel like this no matter how long I had been away. Don’t get me wrong I like being home. It’s good to be with friends and family but I crave the freedom of travelling. I loved that plans could change daily and you never knew where you were going next. I don’t necessarily want to be away for a year again, I just want to go explore somewhere new!

I miss travelling.

I think the only way to cure this feeling is to book another trip…

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  • Reply Georgi September 29, 2015 at 8:59 am

    All of your travels look amazing you are very lucky to have experienced so many wonderful places! I love home, but I always get itchy feet too. Maybe time to start thinking about going away for new year? Haha!


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