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Travel Guide Series #3 The Big Trip – Lonely Planet

December 12, 2015

When the idea of travelling the world first came in to my head when I graduated from university, I had no idea how to go about doing it. I was full of so many questions. How much money will I need? Where shall I go? How do I book this kind of trip? I decided to buy a book which would help me decide. That book was The Big Trip by Lonely Planet.

Lonely Planet are the giants of travel guides and in my opinion always seem to be pretty trustworthy. This book is such a good buy if you’re thinking of going travelling. It’s full of so much useful information from pre-trip planning to stories from other travellers as well as maps and price guides.

The best part is the beautiful photographs through out to help you gain inspiration of where to go. You’ll be wanting to swim with dolphins off the coast of New Zealand one day and teach English to children in Ghana the next.

The book also helps you decide if you want to work, volunteer or just travel. I didn’t do any volunteering when I was away but I really wish I did. The best idea I came across was tending to orphan elephants in Sri Lanka, which sounds incredible!

The Big Trip book is regularly updated so the newer edition is slightly different than the one I have. This needs to be done so the price guides are as up to date as possible. 
As the name would suggest, this is a BIG book. It’s one to use before you go travelling and not take with you. Half of your weight allowance would be gone otherwise! So make the most of it before you go. Use it for inspiration and to find out the basics of where you decide to visit.

I hope you find the guide useful and that it brings you one step closer to having an adventure!



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