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Keeping in touch with friends you meet travelling

February 4, 2016

The people you meet when you’re travelling and the times you spend together will form some of the best memories of your life. It’s crazy how close you can become in such a short amount of time. The problem with travelling is that everyone is always moving on to another city, country or even heading home. So how do you keep in touch with these friends that you’ve met travelling?

Obviously Facebook makes it easy to see what your friends are up to. You can ‘like’ photos and send messages about how much you miss each other and how you ‘must’ meet up soon. Sound familiar? We’re all terrible for saying these kind of things and never actually arranging anything. I get it, life’s busy for everyone but we really should make more of an effort to see people again. Seeing travel friends again is such a good experience. You can reminisce about that time in Australia and then go make new memories in whatever country you’re meeting up in.

Stu and I have met up with friends that we spent months with in Australia and Bali and we always have a good time. We all miss travelling and when we’re together it feels like we’re back in that backpacker lifestyle. It definitely helps you get over that horrible feeling we all get when we’re home. So next time you think about much you’re missing your travel pals, make the effort and arrange to meet up!

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