The Crime Fiction Series That You Need To Read

January 5, 2017

Looking for a new crime fiction series to read this year? Then look no further…

I love to read. I constantly have a book or two on the go and I can happily read the same book over and over again. Last year I began to notice that I was reading the same books so often that I hadn’t discovered a new author for ages. I decided to write down each new book that I read in 2016 to encourage me to read more. Sure, I still read all of the Harry Potter series again, but I also read Tim Weaver’s David Raker books.

My Grandad has been a big Tim Weaver fan for a while so although I’d heard of the books, I’d never got around to reading them. Luckily at the beginning of last year my Grandad lent me all of the books to read and I am so glad he did because I can honestly say that this is the best crime fiction series that I’ve ever read.

I’ve always enjoyed the Jack Reacher novels but I found David Raker to be a much more believable character. Weaver has created a character with a real depth to their personality. I feel like I know David Raker and try to guess what his reactions will be. The supporting characters in the series are equally realistic. These are flawed people who are still very likeable. No character feels two-dimensional and that takes some skilled writing. The writing is so believable that I’ve been scared to turn the page because of how tense the situation is. I’ve cried and laughed whilst reading before, but never been genuinely terrified which impressed me once I was over the fear.

It always amazes me how crime fiction authors can come up with such elaborate plots with multiple twists and Weaver really impressed me with how original each of his books are. There are now 7 books in the series and each time the plot has been fresh and modern. It’s refreshing to read a crime fiction book which isn’t similar to the thousands of others out there. I can’t wait to see how the David Raker series develops and I can’t recommend you read them enough.

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