Why Is Trump The Catalyst For Mass Protests?

January 23, 2017

In other words, why are people choosing to protest now when gender inequality has always been poor in some parts of the world? Why do we not protest when another corrupt President is elected in an African country? Why do we watch news about the war in Syria every night but not go out in our thousands to protest? Why has Donald Trump caused uproar and unity when terrible events happen every day?

As horrible as the events are in India, Syria and the Middle East, I think the reason it has taken Trump getting elected to ignite a passion in some many people is that the US seems so much closer to home to the Western world. When we watch or read the news, war zones feel like a million miles away, almost like a different world. We know war is happening but it doesn’t seem to directly affect us. The average person has become immune to the pain and suffering happening in Syria because we hear about it every day, it doesn’t have the shock factor anymore. Trump however, was a shock. We didn’t believe he would actually get elected. I was ready to celebrate that a woman was the President of the United States. Instead, we got Trump. Suddenly we realised that bad stuff can happen in the Western world too. For some people it’s been happening forever but now the President denies climate change and doesn’t believe in gender equality or LGBT rights. This is happening in 2017.

There are a lot of people scared for their future around the world right now. In a time where we should be moving forward, there are people actively seeking to destroy our rights. Your opportunities in life should not be defined by the colour of your skin, your religion or who you fall in love with. Don’t let someone take away your rights. Stand up for what you believe in.

For those who scoff at the protests and don’t understand why someone in the UK thinks that they can make a difference to something that happened in another country,  I don’t think one person thought that Trump would stand down because of the protests. That’s not what the protests were about. A feminist isn’t a lesbian burning her bra, a feminist is someone who wants gender equality. These protests were a sign of solidarity in the face of adversity. Trump was just the catalyst for years of inequality and discrimination.

I saw lots of people questioning why the world has chosen now to protest on a mass scale. It may be because the atrocities in the US seem closer to home than atrocities in the Middle East but the Women’s March was about equality for all not just the US. Standing with our fellow humans and saying that enough is enough. The Trump Era will not define the world, we will.

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  • Reply Laila February 20, 2017 at 12:33 pm

    These are all really interesting points. I think it’s very true that the USA feels a lot closer to home for those in the western world. I also think a huge problem is media – the mainstream media spent a lot more time covering the US election then they covered Zimbabwe for example. Consequently people caught up on social media more and the effect is that the US election coverage is seemingly everywhere and endless. People feel a lot more connected and even though here in the UK for example, we couldn’t vote, it still feels more like a loss than somebody like Mugabe winning an election. x

    • Reply frandrews March 9, 2017 at 6:59 pm

      Yes I definitely agree with you about the media. I often wonder what media outlets I can trust or if social media is the best place for news. Both can make me equally frustrated at times.

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