An Afternoon of Polo and Pimms at The Celtic Manor Resort

August 5, 2017

Anyone for Polo?

There’s three words that I didn’t think I’d ever start a blog post with but I have been to my first ever polo match!

The Celtic Manor in South Wales hold this event annually and I went with a group of friends this year. I had no idea what to expect and didn’t even know what to wear. In the end, I figured  that I’d dress as if I was going to the races because Polo has horses too. Sounds reasonable right?

We arrived on a sunny June afternoon and it was BAKING. We were so lucky. I got a horrific tan line from my dress but the day would have been terrible in bad weather. I’m sure the Celtic Manor have a contingency plan but I can’t imagine many people turning up. The good weather meant that we could chill on picnic blankets surrounded by jugs of Pimms. Life was pretty good. I even got a cheeky picture with Lydia and her Mum from Towie!

As this was my first Polo match, I knew barely anything about the game. A couple of friends knew the rules so I kind of understood what was going on but I just didn’t find it that exciting. Maybe it was just because I didn’t care who won. The best part was definitely half time when everyone descended on to the pitch for the divot stomp. This is where everyone walks around the field pressing the divots flat to improve the pitch. More sports should definitely get the crowds involved in this way.

More Pimms and food followed the match and time seemed to fly by. A local band then started playing to a tipsy crowd so there was plenty of dodgy dancing on display. Not from me obviously, I’m great…

I definitely enjoyed the Pimms more than the polo so I don’t think I’m going to be saying ‘yar’ instead of yes anytime soon. It’s a great day out though and something different to do with friends.

Have you ever been to a Polo match? What did you think?

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