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A Flashback to Vegas and The Grand Canyon

December 14, 2015

Recently I’ve been thinking about holidays I had years ago, particularly ones spent with my family. It’s been years since I’ve been away with my family – something that needs to rectified soon! I could talk about so many of my family holidays, I was very lucky and got to visit some incredible places. One of my favourites was our trip to Las Vegas and The Grand Canyon. My Dad and Step-Mum got married in Vegas and it was such as incredible trip. The hotels are like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Now I’m over 21, I’d love to go back and experience a night at the casinos. I was too young before so I had to make do with walking through them very quickly!

Getting Hitched    VEGAS  14.11.07 304

For some reason, I hadn’t realised just how easy it was to visit The Grand Canyon from Vegas. We went on a day trip where our driver picked us from our hotel (The amazing Circus Circus!) and then we drove to the Canyon in a jeep. Driving around the Canyon in a jeep is the coolest way to travel!

The Grand Canyon was one of those places I never thought I would visit but I’m so glad that I did. You cannot help but be impressed by the magnificent surroundings. The Canyon just seems to go on forever as all you can see are these tremendous rocks in the most beautiful reds, oranges and browns.

Getting Hitched    VEGAS  14.11.07 276

The advantage of going in a jeep tour is getting really close to the Canyon to take some photos to remember. We stopped right next to edge at one point and I sat pretty close to it for a photo – not something I would recommend to the faint hearted!


Obviously, the Canyon has been adapted to tourists so if you want to walk over the edge and look down, a giant clear platform has been built to alow you to do this. Just don’t jump on the floor…

Getting Hitched    VEGAS  14.11.07 279

I loved visiting the Grand Canyon. I’m sometimes a little disappointed by famous landmarks but this was worth the hype. I feel the need to let you in on a secret though. When I visited King’s Canyon in Australia, our tour guide told us a fun fact… the Grand Canyon isn’t even a Canyon! Not sure where the name comes from then! But whatever it is, it’s a fantastic day out and something you should definitely try and fit into your Vegas trip if you’re there for a few days.

Have you been to the Canyon? What did you think?

This is a sponsored post but all thoughts are my own. 

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The Outback with Mulgas Adventure Tours

December 1, 2014

One of the most iconic symbols of Australia is that big ol’ rock they have in the centre, Uluru. I was desperate to visit Uluru during our time in Australia because I felt that by visiting the Aussie Outback, I would be experiencing the ‘real’ Australia. So last month we finally made it to the Red Centre and took part in a 3 day tour with Mulgas Adventure Tours.

The tour picks you up from your accommodation in Alice Springs at 6am on Day 1. Alice Springs is the nearest city to Uluru and it’s still about a six hour drive away which just goes to show how big Australia is. Aside from a few stops at random roadhouses, the first morning is spent in a coach. Your coach driver is also your tour guide so you do get a bit of information as you’re travelling. This journey will make you realise just how little there is in the middle of Australia. It’s amazing how little the terrain changes over hundreds of kilometres.

You arrive at camp in time for lunch. Your coach driver/tour guide now adds the role of Chef to their job title. Our guide was called Lockie and he was very good at his job with a good balance of informative and fun. Our group also helped prepare the meals and I think this is standard across every tour. After lunch, it’s finally time to head to Uluru! We’d had our first glimpse of the rock from a distance but nothing prepares you for how big it is.

The Mulgas tour gives you time to walk around the base of Uluru which is about 10.5km. I just couldn’t believe how long it took us to walk around it, every time you thought you were near the end, you would turn a corner and realise there was still a lot more to see. Lockie told us some of the Aboriginal dreamtime stories about Uluru which are really interesting and it’s good to find out what makes Uluru so sacred to the Aboriginal people.


Once the base walk is completed, you head to the sunset viewing area to watch how the colours of the rock change as  the sun goes down. The change is quite subtle so it’s best to take a picture of Uluru every 5 minutes and look back on your photographs afterwards. If I’m honest, I didn’t think it was that impressive. I think this feeling comes from seeing photos of Uluru at sunset which were clearly taken by professional photographers.

This trip gave me one of my favourite travel memories to date, sleeping under the stars in the Australian Outback in a swag. A swag is like a big canvas sleeping bag and looks like this.


With next to no artificial light at the campsite, the stars look truly amazing.

Day 2 involves a beautiful early morning wake-up call of 4am. However it is totally worth it to go and see the sunrise at Uluru. Next up is another big walk of about 8km around Kata Tjuta which is another rock formation near to Uluru. In my opinion it’s actually more impressive than Uluru and the walk is a lot more interesting as there is more to see.


Day 3 involves more walking, only the 6.5km today! The final landmark of the trip is Kings Canyon and your guide will take you on the rim walk. This walk starts with a steep climb up the ‘Stairway of Death’ but the rest of the track is relatively easy. As this is the final day, once the walk is completed, it’s time for lunch and then the long drive back to Alice Springs.


I really enjoyed this trip, especially all the walking, it felt good to be doing that much exercise! I’m glad we made the effort to go and see some more of Australia and I would highly recommend Mulgas Adventure Tours. This trip cost $355 each and was definitely worth it.

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The Melbourne Laneways

April 27, 2014

It’s exactly a month today since we landed Down Under and I can’t believe how much we have done and I haven’t managed to write a single blog! I’m going to write about a few of my favourite experiences so expect an influx of posts…

Our first stop was Melbourne to see my sister Josie after almost a years separation. After an emotional reunion it was soon like we had never been apart and although she’s grown up a lot, she’s mostly stayed the same!

One of my favourite parts of Melbourne was the Laneways system they have. Walk away from the main streets and you’ll soon find a number of lanes filled with quirky shops, cafés and world famous street art. You can pick up a map from the tourist information centre on Federation Square which helps you find which lanes have the best artwork.

It’s really strange when you first turn down some of the streets. These are the dirty alleyways your parents warned you not to walk down alone surely? Well apparently not as you soon find yourself surrounded by incredible artwork and little tucked away bars. If you’ve got the time definitely walk away from the main tourist attractions and see what you discover down one of the laneways.