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10 Signs It’s That Time Between Christmas and New Year

December 27, 2016

Has this current period of time got a name? You know what I mean, that bit between Christmas and New Year which goes both really slowly and flies by. I have no idea what day of the week it is or what time it is. It’s a strange time of year which can be defined by the following facts that would not be acceptable in any other month.

  1. It’s always an appropriate time for the cheese board to come out, even if the brie is beginning to whiff a bit.
  2. You find yourself wearing pyjamas at 4pm, so you have a shower and change in to another pair of pyjamas.
  3. The only fruit that is acceptable to eat is the grapes on the cheese board or a Terry’s Chocolate Orange.
  4. You start to feel really guilty about all the rubbish food you’ve been eating so you  plan your January Health and Fitness routine… whilst you plough through another tub of Celebrations.
  5. You laugh at the idea of having an alcohol free day, your blood type is red wine now.
  6. Despite your carpet being covered in glitter from decorations and wrapping paper, the idea of doing housework is also laughable. Nobody in the family can even remember where the hoover lives.
  7. You’re getting sick of the Christmas decorations but would never admit it for fear of being branded a scrooge.
  8. Nobody has any idea what day is ‘Bin Day’ so you keep an eye on the neighbours every night to see who’s putting theirs out. This is also an ideal time to see what they got for Christmas. “Number 9 are doing well for themselves, that’s a box for a 55″ TV!”
  9. You’ve perfected the art of never getting full by alternating between savoury and sweet.
  10. You never want this period of time to end and dread the return of normality.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and are making the most of the festive break by eating your body weight in cheese!

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Christmas Planning

December 1, 2016

How is it December? How are we in the last month of 2016?! I can’t believe that another year is coming to an end. I seem to say that every year but I love December so much. December means lots of birthday celebrations for Stu and his family, getting ready for Christmas and then celebrating on New Years Eve. It’s a hectic month but I love that everyone wants to get together at this time of year. It’s a month full of food, drink and celebrations. Without getting all soppy and sentimental, Christmas really is about spending time with friends and family so there can never be too many events in my diary.

Christmas Day itself can be a logistical nightmare. It’s hard to please everyone and even harder trying to figure out how to get to each location. Everyone conveniently forgets who the driver was last year in hope that they’re allowed to keep the alcohol flowing again. Stu and I spent Christmas together last year with my family and it was a brilliant day. Everyone stayed together for the whole day so there were no comings and goings, just fun and plenty of food and drink! This year will be a little different as we’re in Bristol where we both have family and friends. It’s also the first Christmas in our own house so making a plan of where to go seemed like it was going to be a tough one.

Luckily for us we came to a decision quite easily and everyone is going to be happy (I hope!). We’re going to wake up in our house and then visit family later on. We haven’t decided on the driving situation yet though so there might be an argument on the horizon! I’ve heard of couples who really struggle to decide where to have Christmas Dinner. Everyone thinks that their family does the best Christmas and find someone else’s really weird. Every family has their own little traditions, it’s what makes them special. It may be strange spending Christmas Day with other people but if you go into the day with an open mind then you’ll probably find that you really enjoy it. Different is good!

How do you decide the plans for Christmas Day?

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Christmas Decoration Guide 2016

November 20, 2016

The Coca Cola advert was on tv this weekend so it’s officially Christmas time! This will be mine and Stu’s first Christmas in our house and I’m really excited to make everything look all cosy and Christmassy. Stu’s birthday is at the beginning of December so we don’t mention Christmas too much until the birthday celebrations are over. However this year, I can’t help noticing all the different Christmas decorations available to buy just about everywhere. Living with family, the Christmas decorations didn’t get updated every year so I’m looking forward to starting from scratch for our house. Here’s a few things that I’ve got my eyes on…

  1. How nice are these lights? We’re in the middle of decorating so haven’t really got room for them but a girl can dream right? Next, £60.


2. We’re thinking of having a gold theme and these baubles will be perfect! Next, £6.

Buy John Lewis Ruskin House Premium Cedar And Berry Wreath Online at

3. You can’t beat a wreath on your front door at Christmas and John Lewis have a great selection in store this year! John Lewis, £45.

Nordic Heart Christmas Stocking

4. Fingers crossed Santa will fill these stockings with lots of presents on Christmas Eve. They’ll look great on a fireplace! Not On The Highstreet, £9.95.

Buy John Lewis Snowshill 39cm Flitter Star Panel, White Online at


5. How pretty is this star decoration? Definitely one for our living room. John Lewis, £15.


6. Is it really Christmas without a few extra candles around the house? I don’t think I’ll buy an advent candle this year as I’m usually prone to letting 3 days burn accidentally (sorry Mum!) but M&S have some great Christmas scents in store. M&S, £12.

What Christmas decorations will you be buying this year?

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Christmas Ideas for Backpackers!

November 17, 2015

It’s always difficult knowing what to buy someone who is travelling over Christmas. You want to buy the backpacker in your life something special but know that they probably don’t have room for much more in their bag! Well luckily for you, I’ve come up with a few ideas for presents that a backpacker would want for Christmas and will have space for.

  1. Food from home.  When I was away, I missed British chocolate so much! It just didn’t taste the same in Australia and they didn’t even sell some of my favourite products. Sending a backpacker a parcel filled with food from home will go down a treat – they’ll easily be the most popular kid in the hostel if they have a big bar of Galaxy to share around. British Online Supermarket sell  a whole range of items that can be shipped worldwide.
  2. An ASOS voucher. ASOS also ship worldwide so if you think that clothes would be more appreciated than food, then a voucher is the way to go. When you’re travelling, you grow tired of your clothes really easily. By buying them a voucher, they will be able to easily freshen up their wardrobe/backpack.
  3. Underwear! A backpacker always needs more pairs of pants. When their pants are all dirty, they have to do their laundry – something everyone hates to do in a hostel. More pants = more time between washes. You’ll be loved!
  4. Coordinates Jewellery. You can now buy jewellery with engraved coordinates which I think is a lovely idea. You could send someone a bracelet with the coordinates of somewhere they’ve visited or even the coordinates of their home. Even the most avid travellers like to think of home sometimes! This gift is a great idea if you want to get something extra special – have a look around on Coordinates Collection.
  5. A handwritten letter and photos. Let’s get traditional now. Nothing is really going to beat a letter from home and some recent photos. It will be really appreciated if your backpacker is feeling homesick and they can carry it around with them to read over and over again. Definitely include a picture of the family pet as I found most people miss their dogs more than their siblings!

And for the traveller who has come home for Christmas, head to Paperchase and check out their great range of scrapbooks and photo albums to make sure they remember their special trip forever.

Christmas ideas for backpackers