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Why Lake Bled should be at the TOP of your bucket list

February 1, 2019

Slovenia, and Lake Bled especially, might just be one of the prettiest places I’ve ever visited. I felt like I was in a real life fairytale. But I hadn’t even considered going to Lake Bled or Slovenia until about a week before I actually did. I’d seen the iconic pictures of the lake and the church but it wasn’t on my bucket list at all. But I am so SO glad that we went on a day trip as part of our Croatia holiday. Yes, you read that right, we went on ANOTHER day trip to ANOTHER country when in Croatia. Read all about our other trip to Venice, here.

So, back to Slovenia and Lake Bled. As Lake Bled is fairly north in Slovenia, we had another early start for a coach trip across the country. It was actually really nice to see some of Slovenia. Stu definitely saw more of it than me because I have this magical skill of falling asleep on any form of transport within seconds…

When we arrived in Bled, we headed to the castle first which involved driving up a really steep hill. And I mean, crazily steep. But, obviously, there’s always someone out there who loves a challenge and we saw people cycling up this hill! Absolute madness.

The castle is now a museum, gift shop and restaurant but the main reason people head there is to look out at all the beautiful scenery. You’re surrounded by mountains and one side of the castle you get the money shot that people travel to Bled for. Looking out across Lake Bled is just breathtaking. You’ll obviously take a ton of pictures but you really need to take a moment to just appreciate where you are because photos just can’t do it justice.

We were with a large group for this trip but decided to do our own thing for the next couple of hours and had lunch and then walked around the lake. You can get a horse and carriage ride down to the lake but we preferred to walk to be honest! There were lots of people enjoying the lake, either on boats or going for a swim. It seems like Bled is a popular holiday destination. For lunch, we went to Caffe Peglez’n and sat outside to make the most of the scenery around us.

Next up was a trip to the island in the middle of Lake Bled. We got a boat across and all the rowers are from the same three families and use a special rowing technique to get you across the water which I thought was a pretty cool fact! Situated on the island is a church and tradition says that to get married in this church, the groom must carry his bride up the 99 steps which lead to the entrance. Quite a feat! Stu and I decided to cheat and just have a picture at the top of the steps with me on his back haha!

There’s also a bell in the church which apparently grants you a wish if you ring it. So obviously you have to pay to ring the bell… Not something I’m going to do! We had an ice-cream instead and looked back at Bled Castle which we visited earlier.

So for a place I hadn’t really considered visiting before, Lake Bled turned out to be one of the most spectacular places I’ve been and somewhere you should definitely consider if you’re going to Slovenia or one of the surrounding countries.