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Going to the Full Moon Party as a couple!

February 8, 2016

The Full Moon Party is one of Thailand’s main attractions for the hundreds of backpackers that visit the country each year. However it may not be top of your list if you’re travelling as a couple. I’ve been to Koh Phangan with friends and with Stu so I can tell you that it’s totally fine to go to the Full Moon Party with your partner!

going to the full moon party as a couple 3
I’ve written before about the Full Moon Party, it’s a mental night that you need to experience at least once. Thousands of people packed on to a beach is not everyone’s cup of tea but Stu and I had a really good night. The travelling community is really friendly so you find yourselves talking to anyone you’re stood by and swapping stories about backpacking. You might feel like people won’t approach a couple but we didn’t really find this a problem. Stu’s really good at starting a conversation with anyone and I just joined in. This is probably how we made most of our friends travelling!

going to the full moon party as a couple 2

Most of your time at the Full Moon Party will be spent drinking buckets of alcohol and dancing outside one of the many bars which line the beach. There’s also water slides from the tops of bars down to the beach and a sleeping zone for those that need a nap to last until sunrise. There’s so much going on that it doesn’t matter if you’re part of a big group or just with one other person. I’m sure plenty of people go on their own!

People seem to have no inhibitions when they’re in another country so you’re bound to see some strange sights at the party. You just have to embrace the night and enjoy the experience as a whole. I found that there was a bit of a strange atmosphere because everyone is so determined to have a good time. It’s a bit like New Years Eve when you do something because you feel have to go out. If you try not to have too high expectations then you’ll enjoy the Full Moon Party whoever you go with. Just appreciate dancing on a beach until sunrise covered in UV paint!

going to the full moon party as a couple

Have you been to the Full Moon Party? How did you find it?

Going to the Full Moon Party as a couple

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Wanderlust Wednesday – 21/10/15

October 21, 2015
Wanderlust Wednesday

Oops, I missed this last week! I’ve been really busy with work so haven’t found much time to blog. I’ll be making up for that over the next few days though hopefully. Anyway, back to Wanderlust Wednesday. This week take a look at my pictures from Koh Phi Phi in Thailand.20140322-144216.jpg 20140322-143949.jpg 20140322-143458.jpg 20140322-143443.jpg 20140322-142949.jpg  20140322-142931.jpg

Koh Phi Phi is definitely one of my favourite places on Earth! Have you been?

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Koh Tao, Thailand

March 31, 2014

Staying at Jizo’s Hostel.

We left the party island for the chilled beaches of Koh Tao. Neither of us had been here before but it came recommended by a number of fellow backpackers. We arrived after a short boat trip and quickly found accommodation. It was only a cheap dorm room but a bed was all we needed when we wanted to spend most of our time on the beach. And the beaches of Koh Tao did not disappoint!

This island has a much more chilled out vibe with lots of live music and a more relaxed nightlife. There was still the usual Thai fire shows but people tended to sit down to watch it instead of downing buckets and dancing around.

Although we decided against it, Koh Tao is a really cheap place to dive and to get any diving qualifications if that interests you. We were told that there are better places to dive, but if price is an issue then this would be the place to come.

We also had some amazing food here. I’m tempted to say it was the best of our whole trip. There’s loads of restaurants, cafés and bars to choose from, offering a variety of cuisines. We found it was best to stick to Thai food though. If you fancy seafood I would definitely recommend Barracuda. Good food, fantastic presentation and not too expensive! You can’t go wrong really.

We left Koh Tao with a heavy heart, we will miss island life but it was time for our Asian adventure to end and head Down Under…




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Koh Phangan, Thailand

March 26, 2014

Staying at Charung Bungalows.

If I’m being honest, the only reason we visited Koh Phangan was for the Full Moon Party. We had to stay for 5 nights as our accommodation had that as their minimum nights stay over the full moon period. This made us feel a bit trapped because Koh Phangan is nowhere near as idyllic as Phi Phi. However we made up for the lack of scenery by covering ourselves in UV paint and drinking copious amounts of alcohol. Here’s what we looked like…



The party itself was mental. Thousands of people on one beach, all in bright colours, most with a bucket in hand and all trying to squeeze past each other to find space to dance. There’s lots to take in with plenty of different bars playing different types of music so you’re bound find something you like. One bar even had a waterside from the rooftop down to the beach which was fun! As the aim of the full moon party is to try and stay until sunrise, there’s a handy ‘sleep zone’ cornered off on the beach for those who have had too much to drink to have a quick nap before partying some more. As I said, it was mental.

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Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

March 22, 2014

Staying at the Oasis Guesthouse.

I love this island so much. It’s paradise by day and you can party on the beach at night. The main beach is a beautiful bay with amazing scenery and this is what draws me to Phi Phi. Every island has a beach, but none are as beautiful as here.



We stayed on this island for 6 nights. Our room was quite basic but it’s all we needed when we planned to spend most of our time at the beach. We wanted to use this time to work on our traveller tans after 3 weeks walking around various cities.

There’s lots of things to do here such as diving, snorkelling, various boat trips and a walk to the viewpoint. The viewpoint is definitely worth doing. It’s a long climb to the top but it’s definitely worth it. You have to pay 20baht to get in but that gives you access to a little remembrance garden for the 2004 tsunami as well. We timed our walk so we could watch the sunset from the top and the views did not disappoint!



We also did a half day boat trip to Phi Phi Leh, the smaller sister island. This is where Maya Bay is, the beach used in the Leonardo DiCaprio film ‘The Beach’. It’s another beautiful island and we did some snorkelling and kayaking here as well. The trip cost 600 baht each and included tea, coffee, drinking water and a meal served at sunset. You can get the trip for cheaper but your meal won’t be cooked fresh so watch out for food poisoning!


Next island on the agenda is Koh Phangan for the full moon party. Get your uv paint ready!

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March 12, 2014

We are currently staying on Koh Phi Phi. I’ll write about our time here soon but until then I’ll just leave you with these pictures. Have a good day!



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Chiang Mai, Thailand

March 6, 2014

Staying at The Living Place.

Before heading south for the Thai Islands we decided to have a quick visit to Chiang Mai to see a different Thai city and to visit the tigers and the elephants.

After a hellish overnight bus journey with broken air con, we managed to find our accommodation fairly easily and gratefully dumped our bags and headed out for some breakfast. We had to stretch out our breakfast for an hour or so as we couldn’t check in until 12. We’re becoming pros at out staying our welcome at restaurants now!

Once checked in, we showered and then had a little walk around the city. Chiang Mai is an old town surrounded by the remains of an ancient wall. It’s got a more relaxed vibe than Bangkok with a high population of monks due to the number of Buddhist temples here. Chiang Mai is surrounded by mountains and rainforest so lots of trips include trekking but as that doesn’t really interest us (too many bugs) we booked an elephant training course and planned a visit to the Tiger Kingdom.



The elephants were absolutely amazing! They are such beautiful creatures and you only appreciate how big they are when you get close to them. Our trip was with Woodys elephant training and involved learning some Thai commands to get the elephant to lift you up and walk in the direction you wanted, feeding the elephants, going for a ride on them and finally washing them in the river. The elephants seemed to enjoy this last part the best as they got to spray us with water…




The next day was a trip to the Tiger Kingdom. I love this place! You can go into enclosures with tigers of all different sizes. I went in with the adult tigers last year so this year I chose to just visit the babies. They were only a few months old and were very playful but some were just sleeping in the corner (very cute!). It’s very easy to forget that they are still dangerous but I still wanted to take one home with me! One of the cubs kept wanting to play fight and challenged all the others to a fight, even the ones trying to sleep which was quite funny. Stu went in with the big tigers as well. Last year, all the big ones were asleep but this time they were walking around and jumping into the pool. I would have been petrified but Stu kept his cool and sat next to them.

We both loved our time here but we’re desperate for a beach after 3 weeks of cities so it’s time to head to the paradise of Koh Phi Phi!

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Bangkok, Thailand

March 6, 2014

Staying at the Samsen Skyline.

A new day, a new country!

We were a little worried about coming to Bangkok because we weren’t sure if the political unrest was affecting day-to-day life. In our taxi on the way to the airport we passed a couple of roads which were closed off due to the protestors but there was nothing in the city itself.

We arrived at our accommodation and the man on the front desk couldn’t find our reservation at first and then decided the give us a ‘free upgrade’ to a better room. We think this means he forgot about us and had given our standard room away. No complaints though!

After a quick freshen up we headed out on the streets of Bangkok and headed straight to Khaosan road. It put a smile on my face to be back on familiar territory and to see Stu’s face taking in all the sights, smells and sounds of the backpacker hub of Thailand. We grabbed some Pad Thai off a stall for 25 baht (50p!) and then walked down the road taking it all in. The street food is really good here and a good way of saving some money.

Whilst we were staying in Bangkok we wanted to see some of the Buddhist temples so the next day we had a crazy ride in a tut tut over to the Grand Palace and the surrounding temples. They provide some great pictures and it’s always nice to take in a bit of the local culture.

We both had a Thai curry whilst in Bangkok which was delicious but I think my mum’s might just beat it!