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12 Types of People You Meet In A Hostel. 

August 2, 2015

Unless you are travelling with an unlimited budget, you will inevitably spend a lot of time staying in hostels. Love them or hate them, they’re a big part of the backpacking culture. Whether you’re in Bangkok or Sydney, the types of people you meet in a hostel don’t seem to change. Here’s a quick round up of those hostel people who you can’t seem to avoid!

1. The one who thinks it’s perfectly acceptable to turn the lights on at 3am and start packing their bags. It’s even better when they leave the dorm and still leave the light on.

2. The one who thinks your food is their food. Say goodbye to any milk that you leave in the fridge!

3. The one who has spent too long in Asia and now has dreadlocks, lives in baggy pants and has forgotten how to wash.

4. The one you never see. Their stuff is by their bed but they don’t seem to sleep in the hostel or ever be in the room…

5. The one who is always there. Usually asleep or watching a film in bed.

6. The one who unplugs your charging phone so they can use the plug. Cheers for that!

7. The one who is about 15 years older than everyone else.

8. The one who decides to eat a big bag of crisps when everyone else is trying to sleep.

9. The one with a guitar. Let me guess, you only play Bob Marley?

10. The one who gets so drunk they lose their passport/bag/dignity.

11. The one who gets so drunk they climb up to their top bunk and then wee themselves, causing it to drip on to the bed below.

12. The one who asks too many questions. I’ve just got off a 12 hour bus, can I shower before we swap life stories?

Somewhere amongst this group of weirdos are your best friends so embrace the hostel life as some of your funniest memories will be made there!

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